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February 2021

An Exclusive Opportunity for MCC Members

The Maywood Chamber of Commerce (MCC), along with the Oak Park/River Forest Chamber of Commerce, has established a relationship with Dominican University through the Sister Cities program, which was established in 2020, following the social unrest that swept through our nation and region.

As part of its commitment to community and its support for the Sister Cities program, Dominican University identified an opportunity to engage with members of the Maywood Chamber of Commerce.  The opportunity consists of an invitation to Maywood business owners to contribute to and benefit from a marketing course led by Professor Paul Foszcz, at the Brennan School of Business.

Members of the Maywood Chamber of Commerce are invited to participate in this first-of-its-kind collaborative effort, which may serve as a blueprint for future collaborations. The 2021 Spring project aims to benefit 4 to 6 local businesses, selected by the Maywood Chamber of Commerce and Dominican University.  Over the course of several months, participants in the project will be introduced to advanced digital marketing resources and strategies that could potentially benefit their businesses.  The project, which will be headed by Professor Paul Foszcs, will provide Maywood business owners an opportunity to discover how digital marketing can enhance their current marketing strategies and efforts. Students enrolled in the marketing course will be assigned to a business and tasked with outlining concepts and opportunities to use digital marketing resources to bolster the businesses. 

As a participant, MCC business owners, or their representative, will meet 2-3 times with one of the groups in the class for about 2 hours to discuss their current marketing efforts and key challenges for the business.  The first meetings will take place at the beginning of April and the final projects will be presented in mid-May. The deliverables for the businesses will consist of fresh digital marketing ideas to complement existing efforts and a set of suggestions on emerging software with marketing value.

The Dominican-MCC Spring 2021 Collaborative is limited to only 4 to 6 businesses.  If you are interested, please download and complete the course application. (Click here for Application)  All applications must be submitted by email to Professor Paul Foszcz (pfoszcz@dom.edu) by 5 pm, Friday, February 5, 2021

Please contact Tom Engoren, MCC Chair, (708-216-0000) if you have any questions about this unique opportunity. Thank you for your consideration.

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