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MCC Members share a passion for business and progress; and are proud to call Maywood, Illinois home.

WTTW-Channel 11 Visits Maywood

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This website is a publication of the Maywood Chamber of Commerce.

MCC welcomes summer and all the numerous possibilities that come with the season.

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The Chamber continues to encourage Members and Village Leaders to share information that enables businesses to survive, and even thrive, while maintaining safe practices and measures that promote the public health and safety.

The Maywood Chamber of Commerce is here to help because we care, and we are all in this together.

Maywood's Bataan Day Commemoration Cancelled Due to COVID-19 Concerns, but MCC Offers a Virtual Tribute Based on the 2019 Ceremony

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Please complete the U.S. Census ... Maywood needs you Counted!


On Thursday, September 10, 2020, Laura Rogers (left) and Maywood Police Chief Val Talley took off their masks for a photo in front of the Maywood Police Station. Laura Rogers was beautifying the facility with new plantings of mums.

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The Maywood Chamber of Commerce is Committed to the Success of Businesses in Maywood, Illinois.

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