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An Introduction


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Dan Perkins

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Maywood Chamber of Commerce Member

Jennifer Koehler

Loyola University Health System

Full name:

Jennifer Koehler

Place of Birth:

St. Charles, MO

High School:

Downers Grove North


Loyola University Chicago

Highest Degree:

J.D. also from Loyola

First Job:        

Dunkin' Donuts (Age 14)

Favorite Job:

Loyola University Health System, of course.

Most Cherished Memory:

I try to create new ones every day!


An Introduction to Jennifer Koehler




Each month, Dan Perkins, MCC's webmaster and communications consultant, prepares a set of questions, designed to offer readers a personal look at a key member of the Chamber family. His introduction to this month's Profiled Member follows.



Finding a Perfect Metaphor

As I sit down to write this article, I find myself distracted by the grayness of the sky.

It’s a cold, rainy, bleak day, today; one of those days that makes one long for summer.  Although it feels as though summer is a long way away, I know it is nearer than it looks.  The trees now have tiny buds that assure me of winter’s inevitable end.

Trees are awesome.  I view them as symbols of endurance.  Trees withstand bone-chilling temperatures during the dead of winter; soak up the rain and bring forth spectacular blossoms in spring; and produce rich foliage that provides soothing shade against summer’s blistering sun.  Need I mention the splendor of their colors in the fall?  Trees not only add beauty to our community, but they are miraculous in their capacity to remove toxins from the air, while supplying life sustaining oxygen.

In my mind, trees are a perfect metaphor for the nature of the relationship between Loyola University Health System and the Maywood Chamber of Commerce.  It is a relationship I have been thinking about ever since the last MCC Board Meeting, when it was announced that Jennifer Koehler will serve as Loyola’s board replacement for Jim Whitehead.

For those of you who were not at the meeting, I am delighted to profile Jennifer Koehler, in this month’s edition of the MCC website.  Jennifer recently joined Loyola University Health System, as Vice President of External Affairs.  Her appointment caused me to think of the many ways in which Loyola’s support for the Maywood Chamber of Commerce can be likened to a tree: strong, supportive, enduring, and beautiful in bounty and spirit.

Despite my short time with the Chamber, it is quite apparent to me that MCC values Loyola’s longstanding membership and contributions; and is especially appreciative of the enormity of Jim Whitehead’s efforts on behalf of the organization, over his many years of service.  The hugs and vigorous handshaking at the end of last month’s board meeting convinces me that Jim Whitehead will forever be regarded as a dear and cherished member of the MCC family.

Just as trees offer varying expressions of beauty throughout the year, Loyola’s relationship with the Chamber now transitions into a new and equally cherished season with the participation of Jennifer Koehler, who brings us her own special insights from having been an entrepreneur, just prior to her current appointment.

Since my introduction to Jennifer, I have been impressed with her enthusiasm for Loyola and the Chamber.  I hope you gain glimpses of her warm personality as your read this month’s Member Profile.  When I asked Jennifer what was her favorite memory, she responded, “I try to create new ones every day.”  It was just the kind of response I needed to turn my attention away from the overcast skies to the promise held in the tiny buds on the limbs of the trees, just outside my window.

Please join me in welcoming Jennifer to the Chamber.  May you continue to be blessed, and a blessing, throughout this season of hope and renewal.

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